Parents say Stamford Free School idea is gaining support

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A group of parents behind plans to set up a free school in Stamford have been overwhelmed by the response to their idea.

The scheme was revealed in last week’s Mercury and just two days after the article appeared more than 1,000 people visited the Stamford Free School website.

Daniel Evans, who is one of four parents of Stamford primary school children behind the free school idea, said the group had been overwhelmed by the response.

He added: “ Although we don’t have a benchmark to judge that against, it feels like a lot in such a short space of time, given the population of Stamford.

“So far, we have received messages of support or offers of help from parents with children at St George’s, St Augustine’s, St Gilbert’s, Malcolm Sargent, Bluecoat, Ketton, Uffington, Ryhall, Copthill, Witham Hall and King’s Cliffe.”

The group wants to set up the school to combat what they perceive as a lack of secondary options in Stamford for brighter pupils.

They need strong backing from parents in order to secure Government funding to set up the free school.

The group has also been flooded with offers of help with running the school

Mr Evans added: “Support from local parents is obviously key to our campaign, but we are also excited by the response from members of the education community.

“We have had messages of support and offers of help from primary school teachers, secondary school teachers, lecturers and others working in further education and adult education, as well as educational consultants and school governors.

“We have also had numerous messages from parents of pre-school age children who are already concerned about choice at secondary school level, as well as responses from people with no direct interest in the outcome but who just wish us well.”

The group is still looking for parents to pledge their support for the free school idea. Visit the Stamford Free School website.