Parking row continues as yellow lines near Bourne Grammar School are rejected

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YELLOW lines will not be used to tackle parking problems near Bourne Grammar School because residents did not support the idea.

The restrictions were suggested by county council highways staff in a bid to resolve a dispute between residents in Austerby and Austerby Close and the school.

The residents say pupils should not be able to park outside their homes. The county council wrote to 400 homes in October suggesting either single or double yellow lines on roads around the school, or asking the school to provide more on-site parking.

Only about 80 people responded and the plans were not well supported. The council would not say how many supported each idea.

The Tesco store in South Road has already set aside 20 parking spaces for pupils but residents said this had not helped.

Divisional highways manager Brian Thompson said: “None of the options received widespread support so we aren’t planning to take any of them forward.

“A meeting has taken place between the school headteacher, chairman of governors, county councillor Sue Woolley and senior officers of the county council to discuss the issue.”

Mr Thompson said the school might be able to provide more parking spaces in the future and in the meantime he was encouraging the pupils to use the spaces provided at Tesco.

Driving instructor Samantha Bullen, 36, of Austerby, is concerned that the problem will continue.

She said: “Many of the options were just moving the problem and turning it into somebody else’s problem – or doing nothing.

“There will never be a resolution to this.”

Former Austerby Close resident John Glen, 45, moved away from the area in December because of the parking problems.

Mr Glen, who now lives in Colsterworth, is disappointed with the outcome. He said: “The issue has been unbearable for 10 years and still this debate carries on to no good effect.”

Bourne Grammar School headteacher Jonathan Maddox declined to comment this week on the latest developments.