Pupils at Langtoft Primary School help their younger colleagues

Langtoft School's peer mediators
Langtoft School's peer mediators
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Pupils at Langtoft Primary School have been helping supervise play time as part of a new peer mediation scheme.

The 32 pupils in the Year 6 class are doing fortnightly shifts to play with children at break and help resolve any minor issues that might arise.

Mrs Wells, peer mediator coordinator, said: “I’m delighted and proud of the way in which the Year 6 pupils are supporting the younger children across the school.

“The Year 6 children are putting their training into practice with exceptional results.

“They are demonstrating excellent listening skills and are enjoying their responsibility very much.”

Since the peer mediators took up their role in January, the school has had carefree playtimes.

Headteacher Mr McCullough added: “The way in which the children are managing their own behaviour and that of others is impressive.”