Pupils praised at Oakham School speech day

Oakham School speech day. Upper School from left: Harriet Thresh, Emma Wynne, Frances Loring, Freddie Turner, Harry Anders, Katherine Dellow, Harriet Johnson, Charlotte Atkinson and headteacher Nigel Lashbrook
Oakham School speech day. Upper School from left: Harriet Thresh, Emma Wynne, Frances Loring, Freddie Turner, Harry Anders, Katherine Dellow, Harriet Johnson, Charlotte Atkinson and headteacher Nigel Lashbrook
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PUPILS at Oakham School have been congratulated by headteacher Nigel Lashbrook at the annual speech day.

Speaking to parents, trustees, staff and pupils, Mr Lashbrook compared the Oakham School motto with the values enshrined in the Olympics.

He said: “As the Olympic flame continues its symbolic journey we are rightly reminded of the core Olympic values of friendship, respect and excellence which are further supplemented by the Paralympic values of courage, determination, inspiration and equality.

“All seven values in different ways have, of course, been familiar to Oakhamians of many generations and are ingrained into Oakham life.”

Looking back over the past year, the headmaster praised the many Oakham pupils who had achieved success in so many different ways, both in the classroom and beyond.

He then spoke of the future. He said: “September will be the start of a journey that will once again be filled with opportunity, many mistakes will be made, a few risks taken and a great deal of inspired learning will occur – so whatever we face, we do with confidence, resilience and collaboration.”

Oakham School Prize Winners

Upper School: John Story English language prize, Katie Brigstock (also politics prize); English literature, Nathan Ellis (Latin prize); Lady Barbara Seymour history prize, Helena Spector (biology prize); economics prize, Matthew Ramsden; geography prize, Maxwell Kelly; business studies prize, Harriet Thresh; Alloway prize for business studies project, Ben Turnbull; French prize, Anna Williams; German prize, Robert Kilpatrick; Italian prize, India Barrett; Spanish prize, Emma Wynne; classical civilisation prize, Joseph Wright; Greek prize, Bianca Gillam; philosophy prize, Amelia Steele; mathematics prize, James Nicholls (Winton prize for mathematical physics; Foreman science prize); physics prize, Philip Leaning; chemistry prize, Adam Mohan; art prize, Brodie Crellin; history of art prize, Realf Heygate; music prize, Holly Singlehurst; design prize, Tom Cheer; theatre studies prize, Lucy Beardmore-Gray; sports science prize, Andrew Jarvis; 6th form academic prize, Gail Braybrook (Jill Hewitt-Wall prize for literature); Georgina Shepherd, Thomas McNally, Patrick Heard, Jack Thomas, Eleanor Slater, Sarah Kent, Natasha Denton, Julia Bahlsen, William Frost; Ian Jenkins memorial prize for journalism, Max Young; drama prize, Chloe Elphick; debating prize: Freddie Turner; Clapperton history project prize, Katherine Dellow; Robert Corrigan prize for excellence in modern languages, Katie Rogers; Anderson memorial prize for best science project, Tom Jefferson;

Stamper prize for design and technology, Edward Stout; Eureka prize, Philip Leaning; engineering team prize, Joseph Burgin, Tom Cheer, Florian Gunnewigk and Angus Inman; Duncan-Taylor technology prize, Tom Holmes; Richard Bull art prize, Grace Gamble; Richard Demarco prize for contribution to festivals and touring theatre, Natasja Jozsa, Cian Llewellyn; Old Oakhamian Parents’ Society production support award for services to the theatre, Tom Paddock; Allen music prize, Angus Bower-Brown; prize for outstanding contribution to school music, Jessica Elmer, George Wood; Jean Page memorial prize, James Nicholls; Hoke-Loomis chorister prize, Holly Singlehurst; Stapleton chorister prize, Nathan Ellis; Strings prize, Benjamin Li; woodwind prize, Ella Ward; singing prize, Harriet Johnson; brass prize, Maxwell Kelly; keyboard prize, Stephen Tatlow; Christopher Dixon memorial prize, Frances Loring, Ethan Brooks; Maclaren endeavour prize, Neil Shah; Diana Ridley prize, Rhian Owen; Tom Grant memorial prize, Hannah Done, Michael Stark; Swart-Wilson prize, Tom Jefferson, Amelia Steele; honours cap, Tom Fell; Old Oakhamian cup, Philippa Nicholas; Barraclough cup, Luke Spears; Denning award, Alex Chell, Natasha Denton, Amelia Milton, Olivia Stables; Amanda Clements trophy, Charlotte Atkinson; Vale of Catmose Lodge prize, Nikolaus Dehm, Jonathan Kasinski, Olufunke Okoya-Thomas, James Ralston; Rutland prize for sailing endeavour, Isabel Scruby; Odell prize, Thomas Conant, Thomas McNally; Holman prize, Philippa Nicholas, Harriet Stovin; Jack Dewar award, Josiah Knight; Harris prize, Sarah Patrick, Henry Camamile; Headmaster’s prize for heads of middle school houses, Thomas Conant; Michael Stark; Suzanna Houghton; Josh Adlam; Thomas McNally; Alex Chell; Natasha Denton; Henry Foster, Hannah Done, Flora Hamilton; Oliver Hadfield; Nelson Firth prize, Katie Rogers, Thomas Smith, Harriet Stovin, Thomas Stephenson, Harry Anders, Lucy Childs, Katherine Dellow, Toni Duffy, Nathan Ellis, Tom Jefferson, Robert Kilpatrick, Josiah Knight, Frances Loring, Megan Marks, Kaya Moore, Philippa Nicholas, Georgina Redington, Emily Rowbotham, Shona Sharma, Laurence Sutton, Freddie Turner, Emma Wilson, Dickson Wong.

Middle School: Achievement in English prize, Evelyn Ambrose; progress in English prize, Lilla Le Marchant; achievement in mathematics prize Eve Moss (achievements in physics prize); progress in mathematics prize, Irina Friesacher; achievement in chemistry prize, Hidemi Saito (progress in Spanish prize); progress in chemistry prize, Emily Locke; progress in physics prize, Lucy Scholes (progress in design technology prize); achievement in biology prize, Amelia Wynne (achievement in French prize; achievement in Spanish prize); progress in biology prize, Kyla Hornsby; achievement in history prize, Lucy Aldous (achievement in religion prize); progress in history prize, Isabel Guy (achievement in Greek prize); achievement in geography prize, Hannah Gormley; progress in geography prize, William Smith; progress in French prize, Imogen Leaning; achievement in German prize, Angharad Rowles; progress in German prize, Casey Logue; achievement in classical civilisation prize, Misha Knight (progress in Greek prize); progress in classical civilisation prize, Eleanor Ekserdijan; achievement in citizenship prize, Alexander Hogg; progress in citizenship prize, Holly Palmer; achievement in design technology prize, Ivo Nanev; achievement in computing prize, Andrey Shushpanov; progress in computing prize, George Smith; achievement in digital creator prize, Arabella Trower; progress in digital creator prize, Bella Henry; achievement in PE prize, Matthew Rose; progress in PE prize, Emily Davies; progress in religion prize, Bill Measom; achievement in art prize, Dominic Walsh; achievement in drama prize, Charlotte Hawkins; progress in drama prize, Nicholas Allflatt; achievement in Latin prize, Tristan Abraham; progress in Latin prize, Victoria Svennevik; achievement in music prize, William Fox; progress in music prize, Tate Sweeney; third form academic prize, William Guy, Tiephaine Thomason, Hannah Lockington, Edward Aldous, Anna Gonzales, Emma Peters, Lucy Scott, Asia Hamdorff, Millie Deering, Nicholas Davies; fourth form academic prize, Stephanie Sharp, Silas Mason, Gregory Sale, Alistair Golby, Toby Hill, Laura Steere, Georgina White, Anson Yip, Megan Griffiths, Stuart Ralston; GR Liebert prize for outstanding sportsman and sportswoman, Monty Jefferson, Natasha Feroze; Ricky Webb short story prize, Rosie Hanmer; Anderson award for music, Pip Elmer, William Fox, Lucy-Rose Graham (composition prize); Anderson award for drama, Alice Ellman-Brown, Oscar Brown, Alice Wright; Anderson award for sport, Joseph Kendall, Samuel Barson, Katie Cooil; Duke of Edinburgh service prize, Florence Schanschieff, Mike Lear; CCF service prize, Edward Gomm, Egor Egorov; Voluntary Action Service, Leonidas Ziros, Pip Lashbrook; Woodwind prize, Charlotte Sensescal (singing prize); brass prize, William Guy; keyboard prize, Anson Yip; percussion prize, Dominic Walsh; singing prize, Livvie Carrell (Nicholas Holden cup for musical theatre); strings prize, Mike Lear, Vanessa White; LH Taylor award for reading, Sophia Smith; Wavetrend prize for innovative commercial design, Samuel Barson; fifth form contribution to house prize: Oliver Maynard, Arabella Trower, Matthew Rose, Edward Boyd, Maddie Higton, Jenny Thorpe, Charlie Claisse, Charlotte Hawkins, Maddy Revill, George Borthwick.

IB7 Prizes: Maths prize, Martin Szoke; English, Katie Rogers; history, Natalia Kubesch; Peace and conflict studies prize, Megan Marks; economics, David Kockerling; EVS prize, Lucy Childs; business management prize, Max Brenssell; geography, Will Danskin; French, Lyazzat Itegulova; Spanish, Freddy Roper; Italian, Dillan Mistry; German, Will Danskin; German (native speaker) prize, Hanna Nowotny; classics, Martin Szoke; chemistry, Shiv Shah; biology, David Kockerling; ToK prize, Kaya Moore; EE prize, David Kockerling, Martin Szoke; CAS prize, Laura Tapp; Visual art, Polina Sologub; design, Victoria Schloesser; Klohe prize for outstanding international female student, Melanie Sieber; Commandeur prize for outstanding international male student, Marvin Thormann; John Cheverton IB prize, Celine Chalupa, David Machin, Harriet, Stovin, Ella Ward, Oliver Weiner.