Teachers lobby MPs John Hayes and Nick Boles over pension cuts

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TEACHERS are lobbying MPs over pension cuts.

Members of the Stamford branch of the teaching union NASUWT are lobbying Deepings MP John Hayes and Stamford and Bourne MP Nick Boles to raise concerns that teachers’ pensions are being cut before a proper valuation has been carried out.

On Wednesday lecturers at New College Stamford in Drift Road held a protest rally to show support for college staff on strike in London.

By law the Government should value the scheme every four years to ensure that teachers and the public are getting value for money. A valuation should have taken place in 2010.

Teachers want their scheme valued before any cuts are made to their pensions.

President of Stamford NASUWT Judith Jagger said: “We are concerned that the Government is misleading the public by not publishing the true cost of the scheme.

“The National Audit Office say the cost of the scheme is falling and the public have the right to know this.”