Trust chief says decision to close Charles Read Academy is ‘not a done deal’

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The decision to close Charles Read Academy in Corby Glen is “not a done deal” according to the chief executive of the trust which runs the school.

West Grantham Academies Trust, which runs the school, announced on January 30 the school will shut by September 2014.

The 230 pupils at Charles Read will transfer to the West Grantham Academy St

Trudy Brothwell, CEO of the West Grantham Academies Trust said: “This is not a done deal. It’s a general consultation and there may well be a different solution to the suggested outcome.

“We are looking into every available option open to us and I am working very hard behind the scenes to explore every possible option.”

Mrs Brothwell also denies claims she has ‘jumped the gun’ by sending paperwork to the Department of Education before the consultation period is over on March 28.

Mrs Brothwell said: “It implies we have broken the law and we have not done that. Nothing has been sent to anybody. It will be sent after the end of the consultation period. A copy will go to the local authority and there will be one in school.”

Another public meeting has been arranged with MP Nick Boles in Corby Glen today, following one held there two weeks ago with Mr Boles and leader of the county council Martin Hill.

A petition started by a mother of three special needs children at Charles Read, Sharon Broughton-Eley, has now collected more than 3,000 signatures from those opposed to closure.

The parents’ petitions are available to sign in Corby Glen at the primary school, the Fighting Cocks pub, the surgery, the Co-op and Pauline’s Store.

Mrs Broughton-Eley said she was delighted with the support she had received and was feeling confident that Charles Read could stay open. She led a third protest outside Charles Read last