‘Egg cups’ valued at £50 sell for £10,500 Batemans auction house in Stamford

Batemans Chinese bowls
Batemans Chinese bowls
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Auctioneers at Batemans in Stamford were stunned during the August sale when a pair of Chinese cups and a bowl that were estimated to only sell for up to £70 sold for an astounding £10,500.

The stemmed cloisonné cups together with the later bowl stole the show.

Batemans said there was a “great deal of interest” with phone bidding and the internet involved.

Senior valuer Sophie Chapman said: “New to the market and from a private vendor, she had felt that they were of good quality when she originally bought them many years ago, but she was delighted when they caught the eye of the serious collectors and sold so well.”

The pair of 7cm tall stemmed cups were made in the 18th century and featured Chinese decorative patterns.

They were originally thought to be copies but turned out to be authentic.

They had been used in the previous owners family as egg cups, according to Sophie.