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Eggs thrown at South Kesteven District Council's Margaret Thatcher statue hours after installation

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A video has appeared online showing a man throwing eggs at a newly installed £300,000 bronze statue of Margaret Thatcher.

The video, shared by Twitter user @DesignsBarnes shows a man in a white t-shirt and khaki trousers walk to the statue before hurling eggs at the monument, put up in Grantham town centre at 7am today (Sunday, May 15).

South Kesteven District Council, which arranged for the statue to be installed, has declined to comment.

Conservatives have hailed it as a “fitting tribute” to to the first female Prime Minister who grew up in the town.

Opponents say the statue should not have been installed, or if it must, then it should be in the town’s museum.

Labour group leader at the authority, Coun Lee Steptoe said: “She remains the most divisive PM in history, who cared little for the town she was born in or the millions who lost their jobs under her rush to de-industrialise and privatise the economy.

The Margaret Thatcher statue has been installed in St Peter's Hill, Grantham
The Margaret Thatcher statue has been installed in St Peter's Hill, Grantham

“Her place should be in the museum with a balance sheet of what she undoubtedly achieved against the cost of her policies such as the Poll Tax riots that helped bring her down.

“Like her statues are divisive and these Victorian concepts have no place in 21st Century. Sadly like her, the statue will now bitterly divide Grantham and the nation.”

Amanda Wheeler, a South Kesteven district councillor (Stamford St George's - Lib Dem) said: “It’s interesting that they chose to erect it quietly without any fanfare on a Sunday morning.

“As a district councillor I wasn’t even aware it was happening and I suspect my invitation to the official opening may well be lost in the post.”

On social media, the divide was also already present.

On Twitter @OCallaghanRedux wrote: “Look forward to seeing the statue when I’m next in town. It’s important for towns to celebrate their famous sons and daughters; promotes civic pride and gives encouragement to the next generation.”

@Jrex62, however, wrote: “The witch was the architect of all the is wrong in the UK today. Let’s hope it doesn’t last long.”

Many already feared it would soon be damaged by vandals – something the council was warned about when it approved the plans in 2009.

@trawlerrider said: “It is a great thing but I fear it will be a constant object of attack from the idiots.”

Some even joked the harness lifting her into place, which had the appearance of a noose, should have been left on.

@Wag06237000 said: “Don’t take the lifting strap off, it suits her.”

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