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Ellie from Stamford gives first aid in burlesque costume

A burlesque dancer wearing her showgirl costume helped two drivers involved in a crash on the road between Stamford and Oakham.

Ellie Whitefield, 40, was on her way home from teaching a dance class in Rutland when she and her husband, Jamie, came across a two-car accident.

Ellie Whitefield, of Phoenix Belles. Photo: Lee Hellwing
Ellie Whitefield, of Phoenix Belles. Photo: Lee Hellwing

Having had first-aid training, Ellie sprang into action - still wearing her hotpants and fishnet tights.

She said: "We could see that there had been an accident - one car was off the road and another looked like it had spun after the collision.

"The first thing I did was to talk to the older of the two drivers, to see if he was in shock or injured. He said his hips hurt, and so I stopped anyone from moving him because he might have had a back injury.

"The other driver was standing and seemed only to have injured his wrist."

Meanwhile Ellie's husband switched off the car engine and checked under the vehicles to make sure no one else had been involved in the accident.

"The two drivers were very lucky," added Ellie. "They didn't seem badly injured, and a short while after the accident a couple of doctors arrived who happened to have been driving along the road as well."

It was only when she arrived at her home in Zara Court that Ellie realised that she had carried out first aid in her burlesque outfit.

"It just didn't occur to me at the time, although one of the other people who had stopped at the scene did look me up and down a bit," she said.

"Now I think about it I do giggle - it's a bit embarrassing!"

As a result of the incident, Ellie and some of her burlesque class members have decided to update their first aid training.

"You never know when it is going to come in useful, and when you've learned how to react to an accident it stays with you so that you can do the right thing," said Ellie.

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