Cory trustees visit nature area

Cory Environmental trustees visit Whissendine Envirinmental Project volunteers
Cory Environmental trustees visit Whissendine Envirinmental Project volunteers
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Whissendine Environment Group (WEG) has dramatically improved a footpath in Whissendine, restoring a hedgerow and creating a nature area in the process, thanks to the sponsorship from The Cory Environmental Trust in Rutland and the Whissendine Parish Council.

Cory Trustees visited the area and met with some of the WEG committee to see how the funding has been spent.

A spokesperson for the group explained:“The Group’s volunteers worked to clear the area next to the path, which was a former field hedgerow that had become very overgrown.

“Then the funding paid for tree surgeons to come in and reduce the height of the over grown hawthorn hedging that had grown in to trees.

“Now the hawthorn is starting to regrow and additional hedgerow species and wild flowers have been planted by the volunteers to increase the biodiversity of the area.

“The regularly used footpath is now much safer to walk along and the work has allowed much more light in to the area befitting not just the wildlife but also people using the footpath.”

WEG volunteers will now maintain the area which was left as no-man’s-land when the Foxhill housing was built over 30 years ago, volunteers will be trained by The Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust in hedgerow maintenance .