Drinking fountain plan for Stamford

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AN ENVIRONMENTAL group wants to install drin-king fountains in a town

Stamford Transition Town has suggested putting fountains on The Meadows, the Recreation Ground and in St Michael’s Church yard in High Street.

The group, which formed in 2009 to prepare the town for the transition towards a low carbon economy, needs Stamford Town Council’s support before it can draw up more detailed plans.

The council owns all three suggested sites.

Treasurer and founder John Polkinghorn gave a presentation to the council on Tuesday night.

He said: “The fountains will be good for children playing and parents won’t have to fork out on bottled water.

“There will be less litter in the town and as a result there will be less going to landfill.

“A fountain on the Recreation Ground would fit in well with the planned skatepark.”

Mr Polkinghorn says the fountains would be made of stainless steel and would be vandal-proof.

They would be fitted on a wall or inside a building and would be efficient and low on maintenance.

He added: “We hope the idea could be part of the town’s plans for the Queen’s diamond jubilee next year.

“We have a petition signed by about 400 people and have had a lot of support for the idea.”

The fountains would also tie in with the group’s Bottling Out project, which encourages people to stop buying bottled water and refill their own containers from participating shops and businesses.

Stamford mayor John Binder said: “Fountains are something that might enhance the town, as long as they are not damaged.

“They would save on waste and could save people quite a lot of money.

“We can support the idea in principal but we need to see what the cost of maintaining the fountains would be.

“The finance committee needs to have a look at it.”

The transition town group has no detailed plans for the fountains but aims to push forward once it has the formal support of the council.