Drought warning after low rainfall

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THE water company that supplies homes across our area has applied for a drought permit for the River Nene.

Anglian Water says it is a precautionary measure that will only be used if there is not enough rain over the winter and spring.

Water would be pumped from the River Nene at Wansford into Rutland Water to top up the level of the reservoir, which pumps water to homes and businesses.

A spokesman for Anglian Water said: “At this time of the year we would normally expect Rutland Water to be at its full capacity but because we have had such little rain this year it is down.

“If it does not rain then the water levels will continue to decrease which will impact on the water supply and wildlife at the reserve.”

The company have had to apply for the permit from the Environment Agency because river levels are not allowed to drop below a certain point.

The drought permit would allow Anglian Water to drain more than it is currently allowed to from the river to replenish the reservoir. It will be valid until the end of April.

The spokesman added: “It might turn out that we do not even need to use the permit but this is our way of taking precautions just in case we do not get any rain and the reservoir is topped up naturally.

“We are doing our bit and we would ask our customers to do the same.

“We have enough water for our supplies but we can all do something to ensure that we are not wasting water.”

Among the suggestions on how to save water supplied by Anglian Water are; take a shower instead of a bath; make sure your pipes and your neighbours pipes are well insulated to avoid leaks and do not flush the toilet every time it is used.

The Environment Agency has already granted Anglian Water a drought permit for the River Nene at Duston to refill Pitsford reservoir which is currently only half full.

Severn Trent which supplies houses in Rutland has said it will not be applying for drought permits due to the rainfall in October replenishing its stocks in Staffordshire.