Eggshell project could change face of plastics

Dr William Wise with a sample of eggshell plastic
Dr William Wise with a sample of eggshell plastic
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A RUTLAND scientist has been involved in a project which could change the face of plastics.

Dr William Wise, 27, of Rees Close, Uppingham, is working on a project at the University of Leicester chemistry department to mix crushed eggshells with plastic to reduce landfill waste and reduce harmful components in plastics.

Dr Wise is part of a team of scientists at the university specialising in “green chemistry” and sustainable materials and is looking at how to extract glycosaminoglycans, proteins which are found in eggshells.

He said: “We are looking at minimising landfill. The numbers are incredible when you look at them.

“The company we are working with, Just Egg, sends 1.3m eggshells to landfill a week.

“That amounts to 10 tonnes of waste going to landfill sites per week and it costs them money to dispose of it.

“This will reduce the amount of eggshells and the amount of plastic going into landfill and dispose of the costs of getting rid of it all.”

Last week the Food and Drink iNet announced that it would give the project £20,000 to develop its project to “pilot scale” and fund its experiments.

Dr Wise said: “I am really excited.”