Lincolnshire County Council decides ‘enough is enough’ on wind turbines

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A COUNCIL has decided to cut the number of wind farms being built.

Lincolnshire County Council’s cabinet voted today (Wednesday) to restrict where turbines can be built in the county.

Council leader Martin Hill (Con), said: “There’s been a proliferation of wind farms across Lincolnshire in recent years and we feel that enough is enough.

“Although we understand the need for alternative energy and are not opposed to all wind farms, we remain unconvinced by the questionable science behind them.

“Not only are these things spoiling our beautiful countryside for future generations, they could also seriously damage our tourism industry – who wants to spend their holiday looking at a 400ft turbine?

“Similarly, who wants to live next door to one? People enjoy living in Lincolnshire because we have a great way of life, not because the landscape’s blighted by wind farms.

“On top of that, there are also issues around the damage caused to roads during the construction and decommissioning of turbines.

“And at a time of rising ‘fuel poverty’ people shouldn’t have to subsidise these developments through their energy bills.

“For these reasons, we want to raise the bar even higher for anyone wanting to construct a wind farm in the county and urge them to think twice about the impact their plans will have.”

Developers wanting to build turbines in Lincolnshire will now have to meet a strict set of criteria.

The council’s new policy states that no wind turbine should be constructed within 2km of a single residential property and no wind farms should be constructed with 10km of a village with more than 10 properties.

The policy also restricts turbine development in areas of historic importance, says cables must be laid along existing routes, requires an upfront bond to deal with the impact construction vehicles will have on roads and considers the potential impact on tourism.

There are currently 74 wind turbines built in Lincolnshire with proposals for hundreds more.