Rubbish dumped at beauty spots

Rubbish on the frozen River Welland
Rubbish on the frozen River Welland
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READERS have hit out at vandals who dumped rubbish in a river in Stamford and a park in Bourne during the cold spell.

Caroline Woodward took pictures of the Wellhead in Bourne on Saturday, December 18, while she was walking her dog and said the rubbish strewn across the park was the worst she had ever seen it.

Caroline said: “I just don’t know how we can go about getting the minority of young people to just be a bit more considerate.

“Bourne is such a friendly town with a good community spirit so when you see pictures like this - it’s a real shame that a few spoil it for others.

“This is a regular thing but this rubbish was definitely the worst I’ve seen it. It was there on Sunday as well so what are the families supposed to do?”

She said the rubbish was just a few metres away from a rubbish bin, which is emptied regularly, and was there all weekend.

Meanwhile a wheelie bin, sun lounger cushions and traffic cones were among the rubbish thrown into the frozen River Welland in Stamford last week.

David Sones, of Water Street, Stamford, is a member of the Welland Rivers Trust. The trust, along with the RSPCA, organised a clean-up of the river, which took place in October.

David said: “I think it is terribly sad that the people who have done this don’t have the respect for the river or for the effort a lot of people put in to clean it up.

“It is particularly sad they have done it at this time of the year when clearly a lot of people were enjoying the views of it over Christmas. It doesn’t make a nice picture when there’s rubbish floating about in the river, not to mention the pollution it causes.

“It is such a terrible shame.”

David said the trust intended to clear the river of the latest rubbish once the weather is better.

The trust is also considering running a river clean-up day in May to keep on top of the rubbish.