Facebook flooded with fence comments

Stamford Town Hall
Stamford Town Hall
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People living near Stamford cemetery say a 2.4m fence put up by Stamford Town Council without planning permission, have continued criticising it claiming it resembles a ‘prison fence’.

The fence that cost between £16,000 and £20,000 was put up to try and prevent vandalism and anti-social behaviour, but has since caused a ‘living nightmare’ for local residents.

Many people took to the Mercury Facebook page this week to give their views on the steel fence, after we featured the story last week.

Those in full support of the fence included Frances Young who said: “The vandalism and theft that goes on in the cemetery is disgusting. Who cares what it looks like. If it does the job, its a job well done.”

Along with Marie Pears who said: “If it stops people nicking toys off my baby’s grave, then tough!”

Josephine Pollard said: “At the end of the day its a fence! People need to get a grip and worry about the more important things in the world!”

Sarah Jane Kennedy said: “The gates on Little Casterton road aren’t left open 24/7. I often drive past early on my way to work and see the man unlocking the gates.”

On the other side of the argument were comments from people who agreed with the residents ‘dismay’, including Tracie Meldrum, who said: “That sort of fence looks ugly and if the vandals want to get into the cemetery they will, nothing will stop them it’s a waste of 

Sasha Solange Bonham said: “Does this mean the council will be knocking down the wall on the other side and putting up this prison fence there too?”

Pamela Carter said: “It’s an 8ft high fence with no planning permission. It will not stop any vandalism because gates along Little Casterton Road are left open 24 hours a day so people can get in as and when they like.”

Along with Simon Woodman who suggested: “It would have been better if they had gone with a green coloured fence that wouldn’t stand out so 

The council are currently applying for planning permission for the fence.