Family’s tribute to talented ‘rock star in waiting’

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A talented young musician who was described as a “rock star in waiting” by his father committed suicide because of mental health issues, an inquest has heard.

Alexander Waller, known as Alex by his friends and family, hanged himself at his home in High Street, Thurlby, on January 8. His mother Sue Pinchen, who he lived with, discovered him in the garage.

The inquest into Alex’s death at Stamford Town Hall on Tuesday heard he had a history of mental health issues but pathologist Dr Dalibor Stratil gave evidence saying there was no evidence of drugs or alcohol in his system.

The inquest heard Alex, 23, had previously taken an overdose of paracetamol in 2010 following the break down of a relationship.

Alex had a troubled adolescence and had been treated for depression, sleeping disorder and obsessionality. He had also suffered from glandular fever.

Alex also had a tumultuous family life with his parent’s marriage breaking down.

He had received counselling and psychiatric support to help him deal with his issues. Mr Waller had been due to see his counsellor two days before he committed suicide but the appointment was postponed by the counsellor. He had also missed the previous appointment.

The inquest heard that psychiatrists acknowledged his family’s belief that he displayed traits of asperger syndrome but felt there was not enough evidence to fully diagnose him.

In the months before Alex died he was having a difficult time in his relationship with his girlfriend and they were on a break at the time of his death, although they were still communicating by phone.

Mr Waller’s father, Richard, told the inquest: “He could see his relationship, a very strong relationship with a wonderful young woman, collapsing and he couldn’t deal with it.

“He could not cope with his very strong emotions.”

After hearing all the evidence coroner Prof Robert Forrest recorded a verdict of suicide by malice that his mind was disturbed.

After the inquest, Mr Waller said his son, a former pupil at Kirkstone House in Baston, was popular and more than 120 people attended his funeral at Thurlby Methodist Church.

He said Alex had a great love for music and played the trumpet, guitar, drums and piano.

Mr Waller added: “His was a very intense life. He played his guitar until his fingers bled, literally all night long sometimes. He was a rock star in waiting - popular with the ladies and a talented musician.

“He was a very loving guy and seemed to be popular with everyone. He was a man of huge potential but also found life difficult. He had potential in all sorts of way but he never thought he was good enough.”