Father and son died in A47 collision

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A FATHER was killed along with his young son in an horrific road crash as he travelled home having bought sweets to celebrate his wife giving birth to a baby boy.

Tributes have been paid to father-of-four Yasar Mushtaq, 33, who died from multiple injuries after the black BMW 535D car he was driving collided with a white Iveco Stralis lorry on the A47 near Glaston on August 18 last year.

His four-year-old son Usman Yasar also died from multiple injuries after being airlifted to Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

An inquest into the deaths, held at Loughborough Coroner’s Court yesterday, heard that Mr Mushtaq, of Warbon Avenue, Peterborough, had overtaken a white and blue DAF lorry in wet conditions near a bend when his car collided with the Iveco lorry travelling in the opposite direction.

It is thought the nobody was wearing seatbelts in the car at the time of the crash.

Mr Mushtaq, who worked as a switchboard operator for private hire firm Peterborough Cars, was travelling back to Peterborough having gone to Leicester to buy sweets to celebrate his wife giving birth to a baby boy three weeks previously.

Mr Mushtaq’s two daughters, aged 12 and eight, were also travelling in the car and were injured in the collision, but both survived.

PC Stuart Bird told the inquest that it “seemed like” nobody in Mr Mushtaq’s car had been wearing seatbelts.

Mr Mushtaq’s brother Ansar, 32, said that he doubted this was the case but suggested that Mr Mushtaq’s children may have taken their belts off to play-fight en-route.

Ansar paid tribute to his brother and nephew and said his family were baffled by what had happened.

He said: “I lost my brother, who was also my best friend, and my nephew, who was so very young and a lovely boy.

“They were travelling home from Leicester having bought sweets in bulk, which is a tradition in our family, to celebrate Yasar’s wife having a baby boy.

“What happened will never sink in and I will always feel the pain for the rest of my days.

“What happened was mind-boggling because my brother was an experienced driver, but there are many questions which can never be answered.

“My brother was a loving, family man who would help anyone.

“Yasar and I shared a special bond, we grew up together and experienced so much.

“I will always have memories of Yasar and be able to call upon them to give me strength.

“Yasar worked as a taxi driver from the age of 18 for many years and as a result became a very popular man. More than 5,000 people turned up to his funeral, that shows just how well he was known in Peterborough.”

The inquest heard that the speed Mr Mushtaq’s car was travelling at before the collision was unknown.

However, PC Bird said that tachograph evidence taken from the DAF lorry, which Mr Mushtaq overtook, showed that vehicle was travelling at 54mph – 14mph over the limit for a lorry on that road.

PC Bird said that the impact of the collision had caused “massive damage” to Mr Mushtaq’s BMW car, tearing off front and roof panels from the vehicle. A check of the BMW after the collision showed that the car had no defects.

The lorry drivers involved in the collision in which Yasar Mushtaq and Usman Yasar died have described the incident.

David Banlin was driving an Iveco Stralis lorry which collided with Mr Mushtaq’s BMW car.

Mr Banlin said: “The car hit the front corner of my vehicle and I ended up in a field.

“I got out and went to the car and saw a young girl whose face was bleeding. I wiped the blood away and comforted her until the police arrived. What I saw was very distressing.”

Gavin Miles, who was driving a DAF lorry which Mr Mushtaq overtook, said: “The car went around me then tried to get back into the correct lane.

“It was about 25ft in front of me when the crash happened and debris flew everywhere.”

Carolyn Hull, deputy coroner for Rutland and North Leicestershire, recorded verdicts of accidental death for Yasar Mushtaq and Usman Yasar.