Firefighters issue smoke alarm advice

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FIRE crews reminded people about smoke alarms for the hard of hearing during Deaf Awareness Week.

Staff from Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue spent last week telling people about the alarms which use a strobe light and vibrating pads, usually placed under a pillow, to alert the occupants if a smoke alarm has been activated.

Sean Taylor, group manager for community fire safety, said: “If you’re worried that you wouldn’t hear your smoke alarms if they went off, especially at night, we can help with this equipment designed to serve this purpose.

“We also advise that everyone should plan an escape route in case of fire, thinking about all possible escape routes you could use both during the day, or at night.

“Door and window keys should be kept where you can find them in an emergency, and it’s also a good idea to keep a phone in your bedroom in case you need to make an emergency call.”

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