Five names passed to police hunting Alan's killers

FIVE names have been passed to police investigating the brutal murder of gardener Alan Wood.

Lincolnshire police issued a national appeal for help in tracking down Mr Wood's killers on tonight's edition of the BBC's Crimewatch.

The murder of 50-year-old Mr Wood, who was mutliated and had his throat cut, at his home in Main Road, Lound, was the lead story on the BBC1 show.

The programme included a reconstruction along with CCTV footage and an e-fit of a suspect, which generated five names from viewers.

Speaking on the programe a short while ago the man leading the inquiry, Det Supt Stuart Morrison said: "We have had a good response tonight including some names for the e-fit."

He added: "The big challenge for us is why Alan was targeted, what took the killers to his door and what was the connection between them and Alan."

Police also confirmed that they had DNA from one of the killers and had a full male profile.