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Henry Bagshaw of Cambridge Road in Stamford says the flooding outside his home is 'stressful'

A grandfather says flooding outside his home is getting him down and stressing him out.

Henry Bagshaw, who lives in Cambridge Road, Stamford, said for the past five weeks he has been contacting Lincolnshire County Council to try to get the issue sorted.

The 82-year-old grandfather of two, said: "It's been happening since all this rain came and it does happen from time to time, but never like this.

Henry Bagshaw
Henry Bagshaw

"It's been like this every day for the last two weeks.

"I keep being told it's down to exceptional rainfall and I've been ringing the council every Monday for five weeks now."

Mr Bagshaw, who worked at Ketton Cement for 46 years and also served in the army for two years, said some workers had carried out work on November 2 further up the road but not near to where the flooding is currently.

"When I go to bed in the evening it's always on my mind and you worry what it's going to be like when you wake up in the morning," he added.

"It's a worry and it's getting me down.

"I can't get my car out because I can't move the sandbags.

"I just want to see the problem resolved because it's gone on for too long now.

"It's very stressful."

Richard Fenwick, county highways manager, said: "We are aware of the issue on Cambridge Road.

"In September, we cleaned the drains and this uncovered broken connections within the system, which have been repaired.

"We're currently receiving a high volume of reports of flooding across the county.

"We prioritise issues where water has entered people's houses and where water covers over half of the carriageway, which could endanger road users.

"Unfortunately, this means it can take us longer than usual to respond to other flood-related incidents at the times like these.

"We've had some extremely wet weather recently, which has resulted in saturated ground and very high water levels in streams and rivers.

"This means that sometimes, even if road drains aren't blocked, there is nowhere for the water to go, so it takes a lot longer than usual to drain away.

"We do plan to investigate the issue on Cambridge Road further and have asked Anglian Water to check their systems too."

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