Frustrated over skatepark delay

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SKATERS hoping to use a new skatepark will have to wait until the autumn because delays in the planning process.

Stamford Town Council submitted a planning application for a skatepark on the Recreation Ground in February on behalf of the Stamford Skatepark Committee.

The committee hoped South Kesteven District Council would consider the plans for a modern concrete bowl-style skatepark in the spring.

The committee thought if the plans were approved, the park could be built and ready to use during the summer.

But the district council was not happy with the committee’s noise impact survey and asked for a second assessment to be carried out.

Committee member Sally Jordan said: “The council said they weren’t happy with the results of our survey and wanted ours to match theirs.

“We have taken that into account and have completed another survey.

“We are hoping the results will go back to the council this week.”

The new survey results and any modifications to the design of the park as a result will have to be added to the application on the council’s website.

People will then have another chance to comment before the planning officer writes a report for the council’s development control committee.

A council spokesman said it could be as late as October before the application goes to councillors for a decision.

Youngsters have been posting on the skatepark committee’s Facebook page since the application was submitted, asking when the park will be built.

Mrs Jordan said: “The skatepark users are really fed up with it.

“It should have been built in April and they should have been able to use it during the summer holidays.

“It is hard for a lot of them to grasp what is going on behind the scenes.

“We just have to tell them to be patient. We are very frustrated on their behalf.”

The committee raised £150,000 for the new skatepark after the old set of wooden ramps was torn down in May 2008 due to health and safety concerns.

Some nearby residents have objected to the plans, saying the park would create too much noise and would lead to anti-social behaviour problems.