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Funny Stamford parody of the Hitler film Downfall is shared

A parody of the film Downfall is being shared on social media about Stamford's plight as it enters tier 3.

The 2004 movie about the downfall of Hitler is a popular meme with people changing the subtitles of Hitler's rant.

WARNING: contains a strong swear word - do not play this video if you are likely to take offence.

In the latest creation, Hitler is told by a nervous military man of the discontent being expressed in Stamford about the town being placed in the tier with the toughest restrictions.

Hitler reacts with a rant in which he criticises "woolly liberal tree-hugging do-gooders living in listed Georgian houses" and wonders what has come over MP Gareth Davies for suggesting the area should be in tier 2.

Frank Newbon's Facebook page, Stamford Litter Pickers and Lakeside Healthcare are all name-checked, as well as St George's Church and Save Our Green Spaces.

To see what Hitler's solution for the town is, the video can be seen by clicking the image.

MORE: Watch the sequel,

Downfall II

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