Fury after bus leaves weeping pupil in street

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A distraught teenage girl with health issues was left stranded miles from her college and home after a bus driver turned her away.

Lauren Burton, 16, of Harrington Street, Bourne, was on her way to Brooksby Melton College in Melton Mowbray, where had just started studying horse management.

Lauren has only just returned to mainstream education after being schooled at home.

Lauren, who has alopecia, reached Melton by taxi and had previously been told by Lincolnshire County Council she only had to give her name to the bus driver for the second leg of her journey until her bus pass arrived.

The pass arrived on Wednesday but she forgot to take it on her first day at the college so when she went to catch the number 8 to Brooksby on Thursday morning last week the driver would not let her on.

She was left alone in Melton having left her phone and purse at home in Bourne.

Her friend tried to get off the bus to be with her but was not permitted to get off by the driver.

A tearful Lauren was left stranded and with no way of contacting any family for help.

Lauren’s mother Kate Burton, 41, said: “You have got someone who is incredibly vulnerable, sobbing her heart out and they just left her 40 miles from home.

“It is just appalling that any human being could leave anyone in that state.”

Both Kate and Lauren have sent letters of complaints to bus company Centrebus which provides the service.

Mrs Burton said she wants Centrebus to put a policy in place to prevent this type of incident happening again to anyone else.

Centrebus commercial director Dave Shelley said the matter was being investigated.

He said: “We don’t have any procedures letting passengers travel free of charge by simply giving their name. They must have a valid pass or buy a ticket. I can’t explain from who the wrong information was given but we have policies to protect vulnerable children and the investigation will examine if the driver adhered to these.”

Lauren was guided to the college’s other nearby campus by a woman who came to her aid after she started walking the six miles towards the Brooksby campus.