Futurist gives talk to Stamford Endowed Schools pupils

Futurist Richard Watson with pupils EMN-161010-103424001
Futurist Richard Watson with pupils EMN-161010-103424001
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Futurist Richard Watson returned to Stamford Endowed Schools to launch the Autumn term’s foundation lecture series.

Sixth former Imogen Serjeant introduced Mr Watson to the stage. His topic ‘The Future of Education’ challenged conventional education models and covered the skills, knowledge and experience that students will need to succeed in the future to undertake jobs that currently do not exist.

He felt that there was a particular need to keep the balance between the use of technology and human interaction, stressing the great importance that teachers have on our children’s futures. Mr Watson also explained that technology has a valuable role to play but ultimately great teachers and the use of pen and paper based learning are the greatest resources schools have available.