Gardeners get ready for a tough season plus top tips to save water

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The charity open garden season might also be affected by the drought.

But gardeners are staying positive that the rains will come and are already preparing mulch to keep plants moist.

Cliff Curtis of Chapel Street, Haconby, said: “I am a great believer that all things will turn out as equal. Once it starts to rain it won’t stop.

“But if it doesn’t come we are all going to be in a mess. The ban has come at a time when the garden is parched.

“Luckily it is not really the crucial point where we have got to decide what to set. We don’t have to do that until May and hopefully it might be raining by then.

“There is no point planting pots if we are not going to be able to water them.

“Our tulips are growing sparsely because we haven’t had rain all winter.”

Tips to help save water

Anglian Water says follow these simple rules to save water:

l Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth.

l Shower instead of using a bath

l Fit a “save-a-flush” device to your toilet cistern.

l Wait until you have a full load before using the washing machine.

l Keep a jug of water in the fridge so you don’t have to run the tap to get a cold drink.

l Wash your vegetables in a bowl, not under a running tap.

l Fix any dripping taps.

l Get a water butt for the garden.

l Water plants early morning or late evening, to prevent evaporation when it’s warm.

l Use a watering can

l Use a bucket and sponge to wash the car

l Think about fitting water efficient products in your home to save water.