GCSE results: Record breaking results at Uppingham School

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Uppingham School pupils have once again stepped up to the challenges of the IGCSE and GCSE courses and achieved an outstanding set of results – a record-breaking 40.5 per cent of all examinations have been graded A*.

Of the cohort of 148 pupils, half of the year group have gained at least eight A*/A grades; a third secured straight A*/A grades in all of their subjects.

This success reflects the breadth of academic opportunity there is at Uppingham; 23 subjects are offered at IGCSE/GCSE and results were strong across all the faculties.

Biology, chemistry and religious sudies top the table with at least 90 per cent of the marks A*/A. In physics, Greek, geography, history and German the percentage of grades marked A*/A was 80 per cent (or better).

There were also some very impressive individual performances - Hester Dewhurst, Alex George and Thomas Marriage received 11A*s, and Lara Mullins, Emily Parkes, Alfie Rowe, Amanda Schrem and Kirill Taradayko all achieved 10 A*s. A further nine candidates gained 9A* grades.

Dr Richard Maloney, headmaster, said: “This year’s GCSE results are excellent and our pupils deserve a great deal of recognition for all they have achieved. All public examinations are challenging - even more so this year with the inception of the new harder GCSEs - and this year’s group of pupils’ tremendous grades reflect the commitment, time and effort they and their teachers put into learning their subjects.

“At Uppingham we seek to inspire academic ambition amongst our pupil body, however, opportunities abound beyond the classroom and many of these pupils have also taken part in plays, performed in concerts, enjoyed the creative arts, and excelled in sport, embracing all that is on offer to them. As they enter the Sixth Form and embark on the next stage of their life at Uppingham, this talented group of young people have shown that it is possible to achieve academic excellence and enjoy a truly holistic education. Indeed, they have shown, as far as their experience of school goes, you can have your cake and eat it.”