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General Election 2019: South Holland and the Deepings - Conservative Sir John Hayes

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After this election only one of two men – Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn will be our next Prime Minister.

A Conservative majority will allow Boris Johnson to get Brexit done, finally take back control of our national destiny and so enable Britain to unleash her potential.

Whereas Jeremy Corbyn, propped up by a chaotic ‘remain coalition’, means more dither and delay and the likely loss of Brexit altogether.

Sir John Hayes
Sir John Hayes

The Liberal Democrats - least democratically of all(!) - just want to ignore the referendum and stop Brexit now.

An MP’s task is to fight for the interests of their constituents; that’s why I’m amongst the most active MPs, speaking in the Commons on 90 occasions and submitting over 200 questions in the last year alone.

Beyond my work in Parliament, what matters is the difference I have made to you here in Lincolnshire - where I have taken up more than 25,000 individual cases for those in need.

Living at the heart of our area, my family use the same roads, schools, shops and hospitals as the people I’ve represented for more than 20 years, meaning what’s best for you is best for us too. You know as I do that politicians shouldn’t just turn up at elections – it’s all year-round work that counts.

Nationally, we face a once in a generation choice. Once Boris Johnson has taken us out of the EU, we can end uncertainty and move on as a nation, investing in vital public services - with 50,000 more nurses and 20,000 more police officers. The frightening alternative is Jeremy Corbyn – Labour’s most left wing leader ever.

A vote for any Party other than the Conservatives risks a destructive ‘remain coalition’ stealing Brexit from the people, breaking the promise to honour the referendum.

I have never taken the honour of speaking on your behalf for granted and hope you will give me your support again on December

Thank you.

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