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General Election 2019: South Holland and the Deepings - Independent Rick Stringer

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Dear Voters

Has there been a more dishonest man in 10 Downing Street in the last 50 years? I doubt it.

Boris Johnson thinks truth is just a word that gets you eight points in a game of scrabble. A grubby opportunist at the heart of the government where facts are about as relevant as water skis to a pantomime horse.

Rick Stringer
Rick Stringer

40 new hospitals to be built? Err make that 6. Nurses? 50,000 new nurses when 19,000 of them are already employed by the NHS?! 50m more GP appointments when the number of GPs has fallen despite the failure of a previous pledge to recruit 5,000 more!

Gain control of our borders. Is that a joke? Whether it’s jumping out of a dingy or falling out of a lorry in Lincolnshire it’s about as difficult to get in to England illegally as to break in to a box of cornflakes.

Why hasn’t an immediate cash payment been made for all the haemophiliacs who are suffering from the contaminated blood scandal and are dying every month? Not one party has put this forward in Parliament.

The Labour Party and the NHS? Don’t privatise our NHS is the mantra. Many GPs are on private company contracts with the NHS. In fact opticians pharmacies and dentists are privatised already. Labour fear Donald Trump’s input into the NHS but they should be turning they ire on Gordon Brown’s disastrous Private Finance Initiative where for example Bart’s hospital in London after £1bn of investment has been saddled with £7bn of debt!

All the parties are coming out with pie-in-sky policies. Plucking figures out of the sky. Is the Bank of England or the Bank of Ant and Dec going to guide monetary policy in the future?

Looking for a protest vote? Here’s my manifesto. Vote for me and I promise to get ‘hammered at your expense’ in any or all of the bars in the House of Commons!

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