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Ghost sightings at Stamford Town Hall, Willoughby's, The London Inn, The Cellar Bar and many more

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Don't believe in ghosts? Maybe these spooky Stamford sightings will change your mind...

On October 24, 2018 the alarm at Willoughby's nightclub was triggered by movement at the main bar.

Management received a call from the police, but after inspecting the building they found no evidence of a break in.

CCTV footage at Willoughby's main bar
CCTV footage at Willoughby's main bar

However, the CCTV footage from the time of the alarm shows a single pendant light - which was in a row of 10 - start to swing, followed by an object on the bar moving.

Shortly after, a strange light or reflection appears close to the floor.

The building has a chequered history, leading many to be more inclined to believe that supernatural activity does occur there.

Willoughby’s Bar and Club
Willoughby’s Bar and Club

It started as a showroom for the Blackstone Oil Engine Company but was then stripped out and refitted to be a cinema in 1926.

This was destroyed by a fire 11 years later, in March 1937, before re-opening the following year. It showed its final film in January 1989.

The building then stood empty before becoming a nightclub in 1994.

A member of management staff at Willoughby's said: "Seeing something like this definitely makes you question things."

"I'm not scared. It doesn't feel like it's bad, it just feels like there's something there. It's a mystery."

He added that they have had people interested in holding seances at the bar.

"We probably would do one, if it was with the right people," he added.

One of the builders who assisted in the refit of Willoughby's two years ago, claims he saw what he thought looked like a person.

Meanwhile, other staff - often when it's quiet - see shadows or the light flicker as if someone is walking by.

The London Inn
The London Inn

The London Inn is another place in Stamford where people have witnessed unusual occurrences.

Zen, who has been a barmaid at the pub for two years, said: "There's definitely something here.

"Sometimes when we lock up we hear footsteps upstairs, but there is no one up there.

"Sometimes we see things out of the corner of our eye and turn around and there is nothing there."

Staff at the pub have adopted the name 'Mary' to describe this 'ghost woman'.

Zen said: "She's harmless. She doesn't want to hurt anyone - it's kind of like she's playing."

Stamford Town Hall
Stamford Town Hall

Stamford Town Hall is rumoured to be haunted by an old jailer.

The cellar was once one of the worst jails in England where both men and women would be locked up in a confined space.

Mark Murtagh, civic officer for Stamford Town Council, recalls seeing a figure in the prison cell doorway eight years ago.

At the time he assumed this was his colleague, John, but on returning upstairs it was revealed that John was actually on holiday.

The legend in the town hall is that the jailer used to make prisoners toast the day before they were to be killed.

Now, those who work in the building occasionally catch a whiff of the unmistakable smell of charred toast.

Six years ago the council was ready to begin a meeting when footsteps could be heard in the hallway, despite the rest of the building being empty.

The hallway and surrounding rooms were checked by Mark and the meeting continued until footsteps were heard again.

This happened twice before every member of the council was looking around the building searching for the source of the 'mystery' footsteps.

After the incident the CCTV was checked but there was no sign of any person having been in the building.

Church of St Mary and St Augustine, Broad Street
Church of St Mary and St Augustine, Broad Street

Seventeen years ago Dave Dorson, a current town councillor in Stamford, had a strange incident in Broad Street, near the Church of St Mary and St Augustine.

While driving home he was convinced he'd hit a woman dressed all in white.

He said: "I felt a jolt in the car too, stopped and got out feeling sick to my stomach.

"Nothing on the car, no one outside at all, and I did look for a while in case I'd clipped a cat or something, but nothing."

Despite being a sceptic he said: "Stamford's an old town. So if there are ghosts then they will be here."

The Cellar Bar
The Cellar Bar

Dave also used to drink in the Cellar Bar next to Stamford Arts Centre and recalled seeing things out of the corner of his eye.

The Cellar Bar is believed to be home to a ghost of an old actor, who is referred to by the staff as 'Harry'.

In the bar things will often disappear and on some occasions people will be touched or pushed over.

Maxine Couch, who lives in Fitzwilliam Road, Stamford, said: "Someone or something stroked my face while I was cleaning in the Cellar Bar under the arts centre - I was alone!

"I saw a black figure walk in front of me and up the stairs to the arts centre.

"Also, plastic bottles fell out of the bin behind the bar, and rolled up the floor towards the sink area."

Many people reported seeing a man in a hat sat in the chairs opposite the bar but after a second glance no one was there.

Andy Croft, who ran the Cellar Bar for 21 years, said that it was interesting that people would come in and all say they had experienced the same thing, and after hearing multiple people describe their experiences, he set up a camera overnight in the bar.

At about 12.45am noises started to be heard on the video.

It began with the clinking of bottles, then the rattling of a door handle before the sound of a person exhaling could be heard.

There was also a noise resembling the sound of guillotine.

Andy said: "It wasn't an evil ghost, the noises were what was more frightening."

Petra's Hair and Beauty
Petra's Hair and Beauty

Petra Johnson, owner of Petra Hair and Beauty, said: "Petra’s has more than its fair share of ghosts. They love us and we love them."

She added: "They are always playing, and sometimes on command."

St Mary's Vaults
St Mary's Vaults

Michael Flatters named the historic St Mary's Vaults pub in St Mary's Street in Stamford as a place to look out for spooky goings on.

He said: "A friend lived at Saint Mary's Vaults as a child, she told me many stories of a poltergeist in the part they lived in.

"Once every Christmas card in the house fell over all at once, footsteps going around a bedroom and even floating crockery being smashed on the floor."

Blackfriars Street, Stamford
Blackfriars Street, Stamford

A presence is also thought to have hunted Blackfriars Street, wearing religious robes.

A secret tunnel lead from the street to the Priory.

Many believe that ghosts come from the underground network of tunnels that used to run from St Leonard's Priory to Greyfriars.

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