Give us fast broadband in Bourne

Bret Whitcombe is campaigner for better broadband
Bret Whitcombe is campaigner for better broadband
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AN IT worker is campaigning for superfast broadband for Bourne after losing patience with slow internet connections.

Bret Whitcombe is calling on people in the town to sign his petition to push internet provider BT to install fibre optic broadband.

He says it would help businesses to work more effectively and improve speeds for households.

Bret, 36, lives in Spring Bank Drive and works as a senior helpdesk analyst for IT firm Tandem Solutions in Falcon Way.

He launched his campaign this week after losing patience when his home computer ran slowly on Tuesday night.

He said: “The internet connection in Bourne is horrendous and not a good service at all.

“We don’t appear to be on the radar for BT to roll out faster broadband to us this year or next – or even 2013.”

Bret said many people in town currently had a standard speed of 2MBPS broadband and that his aim was to get BT to roll out a faster connection speed of 20MBPS for everyone.

He said: “I suffer from a slow connection both at home and work.

“I believe if we could get this faster broadband rolled out it would improve productivity for businesses, schools and people at home. It would be fantastic.

“I’d like to get at least 5,000 names on my petition to take to BT.”

BT said last year that it intended to roll out superfast broadband in Bourne by spring this year but the upgrade is yet to materialise.

A spokesman said the company understands the frustrations of anyone who cannot use the internet as they would wish due to the speed of their connection but did not respond to a specific request for information on plans for Bourne.

He said: “BT is committed to bringing faster internet to all and continues to work on solutions for the small number of customers impacted by this.”

BT’s website says Market Deeping and Stamford will have broadband speed upgrades in September but does not list Bourne as an upcoming scheme.

Tandem Solutions is supportive of Bret’s campaign and he hopes the town as a whole will back him.

He said: “I will also be targeting local businesses and home owners to call for their support. It will be quite a big project but it is something I’m quite happy to do.”

Lincolnshire County Council submitted a bid last month for £20m under the Government’s Broadband Delivery UK scheme to provide broadband in rural areas.

Head of enterprise at the county council Justin Brown said it has not been confirmed whether Bourne would benefit if the bid is successful.

Anyone interested in getting involved in Bret’s campaign can contact him by e-mail on

To sign the petition visit his website at