Grant funds heat pumps at village hall

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Braceborough and Wilsthorpe Village Hall has just installed three air to air heat source pumps.

Funded by a grant of £5,300 from South Kesteven Community Fund with the rest of the cash paid for by the parish council, and from the village hall’s reserves, the new heating system will make a huge difference to this community 

The aim of the project was to improve the heating in the village hall while being energy efficient. This has been achieved – three air to air heat source pumps were installed by Spalding Air Conditioning Limited in early January.

Funds provided by the grants were spent on the hardware required, plus installation and commissioning of the heat pumps such that the new heating system is operational and can be used by anyone hiring the village hall. The control system is very easy to use.

James Williams, treasurer for the village hall said: “Before the project we were dependent on eight antiquated radiant heaters.

“In a test on December 10, 2015 these took nine hours to change the temperature of the village hall from 8 to 18 degrees Celsius.

“Following installation of the new heating system, on January 16, it took 55 minutes to change the temperature in the village hall from 6 to 16 degrees Celsius.

“The village hall is noticeably warmer and more welcoming.”

As well as a warmer hall, the committee also believes the new heating system should be cheaper to run.

Chairman of the Village Hall Management Committee Keith Wright added: “The village hall is warmer and will serve the needs of users better.

“Indeed at the event following installation of the new heating – a sausages and mash plus puddingfest meal on January 30, we had to turn the heating down as it was getting too hot!

“It is early days, but we hope the new heating will make the village hall more attractive to hirers both within and beyond the parish.”

For details of how to hire Braceborough and Wilsthorpe Village Hall please call James or Hazel Williams on 01778 560417.