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Grantham lottery winners’ tips as £9.5 million prize remains unclaimed

Jim and Maureen Emerton
Jim and Maureen Emerton

A life of holidays, flash cars and checking out the bargains of Lid’s central aisle awaits one lucky South Kesteven resident, if the experience of Grantham lottery winners Jim and Maureen Emerton is anything to go by.

The couple, who moved from Nottingham to a village between Grantham and Sleaford, following their £4.5 million win in 2012, took part in a recent campaign in Grantham last Friday to urge people to check their lottery tickets.

The day before, lottery operators Camelot had revealed that a lottery win of £9,561,853 from the Lotto draw of Saturday, April 7, remained unclaimed and the winning ticket had been bought in South Kesteven.

Today, Camelot said the £9.5 million prize is still unclaimed and again it repeated earlier please for people to hunt for their tickets and check them.

At the media event, staged in Grantham’s Wyndham Park - which recently received £818,000 from the National Lottery - the couple spoke of the change their £4,449,039 win made to their lives.

The Emertons, who still play the National Lottery and Euromillions now and then, recalled how they were told to keep quiet by Camelot until a media launch at a Derbyshire country house.

After then, followed a life of travel, enjoyment and comfort, though it is clear the couple still keep their feet firmly on the ground.

Jim, 62, said: “We have done many cruises and visited Australia and New Zealand. The win has meant we could do things you never could before like visiting Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbean.”

They have also helped their son and daughter, buying their homes and cars and given them lump sums. The couple will also help their grandchildren with cars and paying for their education when the time comes.

Maureen, 61, explained: “We have everything we want. We want to see them enjoy it.”

The couple also support charities, including Barnardos, Guide Dogs for the Blind and Cancer Research.

Whilst the couple report no trouble with begging letters, they like to keep a low profile, as they say people sometimes treat them differently when they discover they are lottery winners.

Jim continued: “We do tell people, we are not ashamed of it.”

But there have been times when they have given people money and have been told it wasn’t enough.

Maureen says people do recognise her when she is out shopping.

“I go all over - Asda, Tesco, Aldi, and Lidl. I like their central aisle. We also shop in Marks & Spencer.”

But it seems in some ways life carries on as normal, with Maureen having a Mini and Jim driving a BMW.

Jim interrupted: “We get a lot of flack from other lottery winners because we never go First Class. We still travel economy.”

Either way, the couple praise Camelot who offer much support to help winners grapple with any problems managing such huge amounts of money.

Maureen said: “Camelot go out of their way to help. We have had amazing support. That is why we do events like this .”

Jim advised people check their pockets for that missing ticket, believing that because of April’s wintry weather, the ticket may be stuffed in a raincoat.

He continued: “Listen to Camelot, they will look after you. One day you are here, another day you are there, it’s all a bit of a shock. I hope these people can claim this money. They don’t know what they are missing. They have to get and claim their ticket and enjoy life. They will certainly do so buy winning Lotto.”

Meanwhile, another holiday beckons in May, a month at their villa in Spain, just outside Alicante. But they may visit Benidorm, just to see if it is like as is shown on the telly.

The missing winning ticket from Saturday, April 7, has the numbers 1,4,31,33, 52 and 55 and the lucky ticket holder has until Thursday, October 4, to make their claim.

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