Green bin fees to raise £220,000

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Residents are to be charged for green bin collections after councillors agreed to a fee for the service from April 2018.

Rutland County Council approved the decision at its meeting this week.

The authority has backed plans to charge for kerbside collections of green waste from April 1 next year.

It will also implement an annual charge per bin starting at £35 for the financial year 2018-19.

The move is expected to save the council £220,000 a year as it looks to combat a cut in the funding it receives from central Government.

The charge will help to reduce the overall cost of collecting and disposing of Rutland’s waste which has risen to almost £2million per year.

Councillor Alan Walters, portfolio holder for the environment at the council, (Con), said: “There is no statutory requirement for the council to collect green waste free of charge.

“This will help us to address the forecast shortfall in the council’s budget.

“This is the reason for the charge.

“I would expect 50 per cent of households to pay the charge for the collections.

“No-one wants to put this £35 fee on but it’s something that we have to do.”

Coun Walters added that funding cuts needed to be made as services like adult social care were under financial pressure.

He that the £35 fee would equate to about £2.90 per month. Anyone on council tax support will receive a 25 per cent discount on the £35 charge.

The council heard that 50 per cent of local authorities would charge for green waste collections by the end of the year with the figue to rise to 70 per cent by the end of 2019.

Councillor Marc Oxley, (Con), said: “This is a difficult decision as people might see this as indirect taxation.

“Could the charge be put into the council tax bill and spread across the year as this would make it easier for people to take on board?”

Members of the authority’s Cabinet committee approved the scheme in August and it was then backed by the full council this week.

The charge will not be applied to general household waste or recycling.

There will also be no change to how regularly bins are collected.

Nineteen councillors voted in favour of charging for green waste kerbside collections with two against and three abstentions. While 18 councillors voted in favour with five abstentions to the £35 charge.