Group raises £40,000 for cancer research

The Burghley Park Ladies AGM 2017. By Lee Hellwing.
The Burghley Park Ladies AGM 2017. By Lee Hellwing.
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A ladies group has raised more than £40,000 for a Cancer Research UK.

Cash from The Burghley Park and Peterborough Ladies will go to the charity’s Cambridge Institute which conducts scientific research into cancer.

At the group’s AGM on October 24, a grateful Nitzan Rosenfeld, head of research at a lab which is to benefit from the funds accepted a cheque for £40,500.

The lab is working on developing effective methods to make use of circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA), which is found in blood and contains information about a patient’s cancer.

Annette Beeton, chairman of the group, said: “We are just a group of ladies that want to give money to cancer research.

“The research lab is an incredible building, some pieces of equipment are worth a million pounds or more.”

The group has been raising money for Cancer Research for more than 40 years and the total amount raised stands at £940,000.