Have fun at Stamford Community Orchard’s wassailing day

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Stamford Community Orchard will be driving away evil spirits and awakening sleeping trees with the old custom of wassailing on January 11.

There will be singing, blowing of horns and beating of drums and pots and pans (take your own) with locally made cider and apple juice.

The custom, which originated in English cider making districts, was to awaken the apple trees and, by scaring away evil spirits, encourage them to fruit well the following season.

Customs vary but generally cider is poured onto the roots of the most productive tree . ‘Wassail’ (warm spiced cider) is then drunk and toast soaked in Wassail placed in the branches for the robins - guardian spirits of the tree.

All are welcome to join in the fun which begins at 4.30pm at Stamford Community Orchard, at the end of Christ Church Close, off Green Lane, with songs by the Woven Chords. For details call 01780 484180 or visit www.scog-web.org.uk