Have you seen missing Stamford cat Vlad?

Vlad the Maine Coon
Vlad the Maine Coon
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A worried family are desperate to find their missing cat.

Vlad, a two-year-old Maine Coon, disappeared from his home in Rutland Heights, Stamford, on September 27.

Owner Joe Doyle and family are concerned he may have been taken and are keen to hear from anyone who may have seen him.

Joe said: “Although he is quite a solitary cat it is out of character for him to be away for such a long time.

“He is a pedigree cat, as such we are concerned that he may have been stolen. Vlad is quite capable of looking after himself in the wilds of Rutland Heights, although quite close to the A1 we don’t feel he would engage with traffic.

“Vlad is neutered, chipped and we have his passport, as for a collar, he is a bit of a Houdini so he always seems to lose them. Although quite solitary, he is very friendly harmless and subdued.

“I hope he will just turn up.”

If you have spotted Vlad, call Joe on 07854 361802.