Baby Dylan finally home in Stamford after hospital battle with rare bowel condition

Dylan gets a cuddle from his happy mum Terri
Dylan gets a cuddle from his happy mum Terri
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A BATTLING baby has finally come home after spending most of his short life in hospital after being born with a rare bowel condition.

Terri Dimbleby had just a brief cuddle with son Dylan after giving birth to him in Leicester Royal Infirmary before he was rushed off to intensive care.

Dylan was born in October last year with part of his bowel outside his body and doctors were not hopeful for his survival as 80 per cent of his bowel had died.

The youngster was just a day old when he had to have an eight-hour operation and surgeons did not think he would make it. He was diagnosed with short bowel syndrome.

But Dylan proved to be a fighter.

Ten months and three operations later, 20-year-old Terri was finally able to bring Dylan home to Cornwall Road, Stamford, on Monday. She had spent much of the last ten months in hospital with him.

Although Dylan still uses a feeding tube and vomits frequently, he is a beautiful happy youngster, who is adored by proud grandmother Jo Stanley, 42, of Mountbatten Avenue, Stamford.

Jo said: “It is amazing to think that he wasn’t going to make it but now they are both home. He is a little fighter.”

Terri said she was really pleased to be home and “be a family with him.”

“It is amazing to see him like this, he is nearly walking,” she said.

Dylan’s problems were highlighted during Terri’s first ultrasound scan when it was discovered that part of the bowel was outside his body.

But the family were not aware how severe the

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problems would be until Dylan was born.

Terri said: “It was horrible.”

Jo added: “It did not sink in until he was born.”

Terri, who was not due until October 31, went into labour at 6am on October 1.

She gave birth to Dylan, who weighed 6lb, at 7pm in the infirmary, and it was then the problem was found to be more severe than anticipated.

Terri said: “We weren’t expecting that much. We thought we’d be in hospital for six weeks but it turned out to be 10 months.”

The youngster was rushed to intensive care and his family feared that he would not make it though the night.

Next day, surgeons removed the dead section of his bowel during an eight-hour operation.

Terri said: “They weren’t hopeful, they still didn’t think he was going to make it.

“I was quite positive about it.”

Dylan spent four months in intensive care before being moved onto the ward. In his three further operations doctors stretched his bowel, removed a blockage and added a feeding tube.

They tried to strengthen Dylan and his bowel with a special diet which included a small amount of milk and total parental nutrition, known as TPN, which is fed through his tubes.

The youngster has made great progress during his short life and his bowel, which will continue to grow, is operating normally.

He is still fed by a feeding tube throughout the night. He would previously not drink milk but since coming home on Monday, he has started to drink juice.

Dylan has not fully escaped the hospital as he still has to return weekly for a check-up.

Unfortunately Dylan suffers badly with sickness which creates a lot of washing for Terri, who is struggling to keep up with cleaning his cot sheets and clothes.

The family are now appealing to Mercury readers for cot sheets to help Dylan.

If anyone is able to help call Jo on 0777 2105377.