Bed blocking fine among country’s lowest

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ONLY four patients were delayed leaving Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals last year because Lincolnshire County Council could not arrange another bed for them.

The council was fined £1,400 for delayed discharges from the hospitals, known as bed blocking. It was one of the lowest fines across the country, with some authorities facing bills of up to £844,000.

The council is only fined for bed blocking if the hospital is in a different county.

A Lincolnshire County Council spokesman said: “We do work very closely with the NHS to ensure people don’t stay in beds longer than necessary.

“The introduction of personal budgets will help as the patient has more options of where to transfer to, along with flexible home support services which can also help avoid admission at all. 

“We’ve also just agreed the countywide spending of £9.1m of NHS reablement funding. This means further support services, in-home technology and more, to reduce admissions and get people out and back on their feet quicker.”