Consultant pathologist will appear on television show

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A consultant cellular pathologist at Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals Trust will appear on television tonight (Wednesday).

Dr Suzy Lishman will appear in BBC 4’s Hidden Killers of the Victorian Home which will air tonight at 9pm.

Dr Lishman was invited to participate in the programme, alongside other experts, following her successful work performing “virtual autopsies” at the Old Operating Theatre in London.

As vice-president of the Royal College of Pathologists, Dr Lishman has developed and delivered hundreds of events for schools and the public to highlight the vital role of pathology in modern healthcare.

The programme will be presented by historian Dr Suzannah Lipscomb and looks at ways in which everyday objects could prove fatal.

Dr Lishman helps to uncover some of the hazards and comments on clues one might look for to identify the cause of death. This was not straight forward as many toxins had effects similar to those of common infections such as cholera or dysentery.

Dr Lishman said: “I really enjoyed working on the project; I haven’t seen the programme so will be excited to watch it tonight for the first time.

“Having researched the pathology behind the hidden killers I am planning several related public engagement events, including a virtual autopsy at the Old Operating Theatre in May, investigating the death of a fictional Victorian who has died mysteriously at home.”