Deadline to find surgery location

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VILLAGERS have been given a deadline of July to find an alternative place to hold a doctors’ surgery.

Ketton Surgery, which is a branch of Uppingham Surgery, will close in July and the Ketton Surgery Steering Group has been asked by the Leicestershire County and Rutland Primary Care Trust to find an alternative location for one on their behalf. It will provide the staff.

But the group says it needs more time.

It is working closely with Ketton Parish Council and has sent out questionnaires to every household in the village to muster up support and gain an idea of how many people would register at the new surgery.

Parish council spokesman Vic Henry said: “About 90 per cent of people who have returned the questionnaire want a surgery in Ketton.

“We have got a few options for venues, but if we had 12 to 18 months to find somewhere it would be more realistic and would give us time to sort ourselves out.”

If an alternative is not found the village is in danger of losing its surgery altogether.

Mr Henry said: “A village that is without a doctors’ surgery is though of as being unsustainable and for a village the size of Ketton that is ridiculous.

“We make up a substantial part of the total population of Rutland.”

Rutland County councillor for Ketton Barrie Roper (Con) said: “I very much would like to see a new surgery in the village.

“It’s vital that Ketton is a sustainable community.

“In my role I offer this group all the support that I can muster.”

Gretton Surgery, which was also under threat, has already been guaranteed support from the Primary Care Trust and will remain as it is.