Emma Hughes to appear on Supersize vs Superskinny programme

Emma Hughes, who will appear on Supersize vs Superskinny
Emma Hughes, who will appear on Supersize vs Superskinny
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A WOMAN who has battled with her weight since she was a teenager will appear on a television programme.

Emma Hughes, 20, has filmed an hour-long programme of Channel 4 programme Supersize vs Superskinny, which is due to be broadcast in March.

Emma, who lives with her fiance Mitch Devonport in Eagle Road, Bourne, is a fan of the popular programme, which follows an underweight person and an overweight person as they swap diets.

Emma said: “I have watched all the episodes of the programme and I have always wanted to go on it.

“In the past I have gone through the NHS and I have been referred to a dietician but on the programme, they offer proper pyschological help.”

Emma, who grew up in Ryhall and went to Casterton Business and Enterprise College, said she had struggled with her weight since her early teens and suffers from food anxiety disorder.

She applied online for the programme in July last year and was interviewed in August. Just a few weeks later, she found out she had been chosen to appear.

She began filming in November, when her starting weight was just 7st 10lb.

During her first day of filming, she met her “swap partner” Jo, a mother of three from Birmingham, as well as the other people who are going to appear during the series. She also had a medical examination and spoke to a pyschologist.

Emma was also filmed eating a meal at a restaurant with her mother Julie Cutts, of Ryhall.

During two more days of filming, Emma attempted to eat the diet of her overweight partner Jo at the “feeding clinic”.

Emma said: “The first day of the feeding clinic was absolutely horrible. Jo had four slices of toast for a breakfast, a bowl of cereal and a big chocolate bar, and then for lunch, she had deep-filled sandwiches, crisps, sausage rolls, pork pies. My usual diet was nothing for breakfast and just crisps for lunch so by lunchtime I was sick.

“There is no preparation. You have just got to do your best to eat it.”

Emma was then given a diet plan to follow for eight weeks to boost the vitamins and minerals she was lacking.

She then had to return to London to film the reveal, where she and her swap partner find out how much weight they have gained or lost and receive a makeover.

Emma gained 3lb during filming and Jo lost more than a stone.

Emma said: “I got on really well with Jo and she looked completely different. She was wearing jeans that she said she couldn’t wear before. She was like a mum to me while we were filming.

“But I was a bit gutted. I thought I had put on about 7lb but I did put on 2in around the waist. But the show has changed me and what I eat. I feel more energetic.”

During the show, she met Dr Christian Jessen, a television doctor who also appears on Embarrassing Bodies.

Emma, who works as a nanny, said: “He was really friendly and a lot more relaxed than he seems on the television. He was really funny and told lots of jokes.”

Mitch, 28, who has cystic fibrosis, proposed to Emma after she had finished filming the show.

Emma said: “I was really excited about getting engaged. Mitch understands and he was really supportive when I was on the show. I think he was proud.

“He understands because cystic fibrosis sufferers are really thin as well.”

She will watch the show when it is aired with Mitch and her mum, who she thanked for being a huge support.