Pensioner from Oakham sent home in nightwear after hospital loses clothes

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An elderly woman was sent home from hospital wearing just a flimsy nightdress, gown and socks after her clothes were lost.

Dorothy Francis, 74, was in the Leicester Royal Infirmary for four nights before being sent back to her home in Mendip Road, Oakham, without shoes and the clothes she had arrived with.

The pensioner was in hospital after she collapsed at home, a week after having her knee replaced at Leicester General Hospital.

Mrs Francis was taken to the Leicester Royal by ambulance

She took with her clothes including trousers, four T-shirts, two nightdresses, slippers, a dressing gown, four pairs of briefs and two bras. Mrs Francis says items cost more than £180.

The clothes were in her shopping trolley which was in a cabinet beside her bed. She believes the trolley and clothes went missing when staff moved her from an assessment ward to a proper ward. After a couple of days on the ward, she asked staff where her clothes were and discovered the cabinet had gone. Staff looked for it without success.

It meant that when she was discharged Mrs Francis had to leave in the nightdress and dressing gown given to her by the hospital when she arrived.

“I was absolutely disgusted and upset about the whole affair,” said Mrs Francis. “I can’t believe they sent me home without my clothes in an old dressing gown and nightie and no shoes. I asked nurses and doctors where they were, but then I was told I needed a receipt for all my clothes. Who keeps all their receipts for clothes which are over a year old?

“They kept moving things around and I’m sure that’s why they lost them.”

Mrs Francis contacted the Mercury because she believes other elderly patients may have received the same treatment.

She added: “I know there must be other people who were sent away without their clothes. I can’t be the only one. It’s really not right.”

When she left, Mrs Francis was given a form to fill in about what items had been misplaced.

The hospital has apologised and is hoping to find her clothes for her.

Sue Mason, divisional head of nursing for acute care at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, said: “I’m really sorry to hear that Mrs Francis belongings went missing. I’m currently working with her to try to locate the items.”