Readers back our bid to save day care services

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READERS have rallied round to support our campaign to save day centre services for adults in Stamford and Bourne.

Lincolnshire County Council wants to shut the Stamford Day Centre, in Ryhall Road, and the Stamford and Bourne Learning Disability Services, in Abbey Road, Bourne, as part of new cost-cutting measures.

The council wants to move care users onto the personal budget scheme, which lets people decide where to spend their publicly-funded care grant and cut down on the services it provides.

But this could leave hundreds of vulnerable users who depend on these services with money to spend but nowhere to spend it.

More than 100 coupons backing the campaign have been sent in since we launched the campaign last week.

Marie Dunkley, 60, from Church Road, Wittering, worked at the Stamford Day Centre for 19 years before she retired in August.

She said: “At least by trying to do something, the campaign makes people aware of the problem.

“If you can’t get out and about then you are really stuck, you are isolated in your own home. For a lot of people closure is going to be disastrous.”

John Kilminster has been a volunteer at the Stamford Day Centre for four years. He called the service “vital and necessary”.

He said: “The day care centre really is a lifeline and has supported so many people for so many years.

“The new personal budget will cause confusion and could lose a supportive network of friends and carers that is already in place. Once lost, it will be lost forever and another small bit of Stamford’s community will vanish.

“Surely with a growing elderly and vulnerable population these centres must remain open.”

Vincent O’Shea, of Oak Road, Stamford, said the closure of the day centre would be a cut too far.

He said: “A community should be judged by how well it cares for its most vulnerable members and we have already disgraced ourselves by axing the vital meals on wheels service in our town, such that the Evergreen Care Trust, a charity, has had to fill the void.”

And Lesley Earl, of Montrose Close, Stamford, said the centre is the highlight of the week for her mother Jess, who has dementia.

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