Stamford Hospital’s John Van Geest ward closes following superbug outbreak

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A Stamford Hospital ward is closed to new admissions following an outbreak of a superbug.

Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals Trust has announced that the John Van Geest ward at Stamford Hospital is closed to new admissions after four patients contracted Clostridium difficile, a bacteria found in the gut which can cause diarrhoea and fever.

A deep clean of the hospital has also revealed the need for some refurbishment work and the trust says the ward will now close for three to six months while it is carried out.

The 10 patients left on the ward will remain there until they are discharged while all new patients will be transferred to Peterborough City Hospital.

The ward’s 30 members of staff will be transferred over to the city hospital.

Chief operating officer Rowena Barnes said: “The infection control cleaning process has highlighted the need for some refurbishment work to take place to ensure we continue to adhere to the national guidelines around infection control.

“We will need to temporarily close the ward to undertake this work. We are assessing those patients currently on the ward to determine their date of discharge and we aim to close the ward once these patients are discharged. We will be assessing the extent of work required next week.

“There is no risk to the patients being treated on John Van Geest ward.

“Stamford Hospital staff are actively involved in the refurbishment programme so that we can ensure the unit continues to meets the needs of the patients cared for there.”