Two surgeries could be saved from closure

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TWO doctors surgeries could be saved under the recommendation of the NHS.

Ketton and Gretton surgeries have been under threat ever since Uppingham Surgery in London Road, Uppingham, which runs the practices as outreach branches, announced that it was considering closing them following the retirement of Dr Jeremy Crosthwaite in September last year.

NHS Leicestershire County and Rutland carried out an investigation into the need for surgeries in both villages and yesterday announced that it recommends Gretton Surgery should remain open, and the closure of Ketton Surgery deferred until another premises is found.

Uppingham Surgery had said that the surgery in Geeston Road, Ketton, is no longer fit for purpose.

Villagers have been campaigning to save the surgeries ever since the closures were announced.

Chairman of the Save Ketton Surgery group David Walker said: “We are already on top of the NHS’ suggestions. It’s what we were expecting.

“We have sent out two questionnaires in the village to ask whether people would support a surgery if one was set up elsewhere, and have been looking into places in the village that would be appropriate.

“The ideal location would be the former Ketton Club in High Street, Ketton, but we don’t have the money to buy it.”

Two public consultations and public meetings in each village were held at the end of last year.

Campaigners in Gretton had started a Facebook group to gain support for the campaign to save the surgery in Kirby Road.

Corby Borough councillor for Gretton, Terri Meechan of Kirby Road, Gretton, said: “It’s absolutely fantastic news.

“So many people were convinced that there was no hope, but this goes to show that sometimes there is justice.”

Director of primary care at NHS Leicestershire County and Rutland Toby Sanders said: “It’s important that when we make decisions that have a direct impact on people’s care we listen to them.

“We have listened carefully to what the people of Ketton and Gretton have said to us, and the recommendations that the panel has reached reflect this.”

Uppingham Surgery was not available for comment.