Wake House community centre to buy life-saving kit

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One of Bourne’s most used public buildings at the centre of the community will soon house a defibrillator to help save lives in an emergency.

A defibrillator, which is used for life-threatening heart conditions, is to be installed at Wake House community centre in North Street, Bourne.

The lifesaving equipment would then be available to people in the town whenever the building was open.

There are currently defibrillators at The Galletly Practice in North Road and Hereward Medical Practice in Exeter Street.

Greg Cejer, a member of Bourne Arts and Community Trust which runs the building, said: “Wake House is accessible for a large part of the week and we feel providing a defibrillator in the town centre is a potential lifesaver.

“The big benefit will be that we are open in the evening and the weekend when the doctors are closed. We feel it is a really positive thing to do for the community in Bourne.”

A defibrillator costs about £1,800 which includes seven years of servicing and staff training.

The Len Pick Trust has pledged support for the project and Bourne county councillor Charlotte Farquharson (Con) contributed £350 from the council’s Big Society Fund to Wake House.

Mr Cejer said: “It will be a true community venture.

“The money couldn’t have come at a better time as the trust is considering purchasing the defibrillator which would be available for use in the town centre.”

Wake House is home to a wide range of cultural and educational organisations ranging from tap dancing for youngsters to bridge clubs. It also houses a number of alternative therapy businesses and the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Melvyn Lane, another trustee, said: “Wake House is thriving. A lot of people are using the building.

“Some use it every day, some use it once a month.

“There are nine trustees who are all involved because we believe in providing services for the town.”

The trust is currently deciding on a supplier ahead of purchasing.