Heartfelt appeal to find missing puppy

Help find missing puppy Frankie (pictured right)
Help find missing puppy Frankie (pictured right)
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A young family from Langham are appealing for help to find their missing puppy, Frankie.

Frankie, a four-month-old, female, black and tan, German Shepherd went missing from its home in Langham, on Sunday, September 20.

Missing puppy Frankie

Missing puppy Frankie

The dog had been out playing in the garden with the family’s other dog, George, a British bulldog, and is thought to have escaped from the property through the garage door.

The family have only had Frankie for two months and she is already a huge part of the family. They desperately want her back home where she belongs.

Owner Toni Robinson and her two children are deeply upset, and have been busy making posters to put up around the village.

Toni said: “It’s devastating that Frankie is missing, she is such a lovable and clever dog. My children adore her and are struggling without her. We love her with all of our hearts and her loss is heartbreaking.

“All I want is for Frankie to be returned to our family.”

Toni has reported the incident to the police and has alerted local dog wardens, re-homing shelters and vets in the area, but has so far had no luck.

There have since been no sightings of the dog, and Toni fears now that she may have been stolen. The family are offering a reward for her return, with no questions asked.

Toni fears Frankie could now be some distance away from Rutland. She is microchipped and when last seen had a tag on with three separate contact numbers.

If you have seen Frankie or know where she is please get in touch with Toni on 01572 723075 or 07841612706. Alternatively e-mail tonimartin83@yahoo.o.uk

There is also a Facebook page to help find Frankie.