Heating is making a difference

I Love Bourne photos -  The Abbey Church'Photo: SM300111-184js
I Love Bourne photos - The Abbey Church'Photo: SM300111-184js
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The congregation at Bourne Abbey Church were so looking forward to being toasty after years of sitting in a chilly church, but sadly their long awaited new heating system lasted just two days before hitting a snag.

But it is not all bad news, far from it, as Father Chris Atkinson explained.

He said: “The new heating only lasted a couple of days before there was a problem, so we haven’t been able to operate it fully for the past 10 days.

“However, we think it is only a relatively minor issue, a leak somewhere in the system, a teething problem that we’re sure will be easily resolved. Even though we can’t have the heating on full power at the moment the church is still warmer than it was before. It’s actually OK and has already made a big difference as it is but we look forward to having full heating very soon.”

The new heating system was part of extensive work being undertaken at the church, which has included essential roof repairs, construction of an extension and provision of indoor toilets.

The work began in the summer but hasn’t impacted upon the day to day operations of the church, which have continued as normal.

Father Chris said: “We are very happy with the work overall and are looking forward to having it all completed next year.”

The next phase of the work is due to start after Easter. That will include putting in flooring for the extension, installation of the toilets and fitting of a door linking the extension to the main church.

Father Chris said they are also going to reorder the north aisle and move the choir vestry. The work is expected to be completed by next autumn.