Help find culprits after fly-tipping in Rutland

Fly-tipping in Market Overton. Photos courtesy of David Barnett. EMN-140511-112832001
Fly-tipping in Market Overton. Photos courtesy of David Barnett. EMN-140511-112832001
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The county council is appealing for help to combat fly-tipping after a vast amount of items were found dumped in Market Overton.

Rubbish including several televisions, fridges, freezers and a large amount of roofing were found dumped down Pinfold Lane in Market Overton last week.

Rutland County Council has to spend thousands of pounds each year cleaning up the mess left by fly-tippers. This can include anything from discarded tyres to multiple pieces of furniture and unwanted white goods.

A local resident who came across the dumped items in Market Overton while walking with his dog, said: “It’s annoying, someone has obviously come down this back lane and dumped it here, where it’s out of sight.

“I assume it’s someone who is being paid to clear things from various houses due to the amount of items that have been dumped.

“I appreciate that it’s difficult to find people who do this sort of thing, but a couple of fairly unusual fridge magnets were left on one of the fridge doors, which someone would surely recognise as theirs.

“Assuming that these items have not been dumped by their original owners, if someone saw these magnets and recognised them they would also know who they had asked to clear the items for them.”

The council has inspected the area and passed details of the rubbish to a contractor for collection next week.

From January to September there were 183 incidents of fly-tipping reported in Rutland. The combined clean-up cost for these incidents was £7,960.

In 2012 there were 189 incidents reported, costing £10,289, and in 2013 there were 158, costing £8,788.

The council’s director for places Dave Brown said: “The council treats fly-tipping very seriously and will prosecute anyone caught disposing of waste in this way. This can result in a fine of up to £50,000 or a maximum prison sentence of five years.”

“If you come across fly-tipped waste do not touch it. The materials can be dangerous and you may also disturb evidence that could help identify the culprits.”